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The Growth of Tourism in Dubai essay

Morning and evening safari is available for clients. Based upon the tourist comfort the desert safari is operated. Other most attraction for the kids is Dubai zoo. The city has great potential in tourism and travel industry. People can enjoy by fishing and surfing in the water.

Heritage Village is one of the few remaining parts of historical Dubai, containing preserved buildings.

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Traditionally, dhows from the Far East, China, Sri Lanka, and India would discharge their cargo and the goods would be bargained over in the souks adjacent to the docks.

Government immunization programs have led to recognition by a travel magazine. And economically it steps upwards. Different language movies are displayed in the theatres to the comfort of people coming from the various countries.

Tourism in Dubai

It has been concluded that travel and tourism are the major resource for Dubai to earn the foreign exchanges. As per pocock shopping is one of the most important thing in the world which attracts especially the women and children.

It also offers some packages in terms of incentives not anywhere in the world. List of shopping malls in Dubai Dubai has been nicknamed the "shopping capital of the Middle East. They are not finding time to spend leisurely. Tourism is the major resource of revenue in Dubai.

Because it is rich in marine life. People can take the camera for safari to take the pictures of sunset and shadows falls on the desert. Dubai is also given the importance for sports and conducted events like cricket competition, Dubai world cup, desert polo and classic golf tournament.

Burj al Arab is one of the top seven-star hotels in the world. Arabic food is most preferable by the home town people. Winter is the best time to enjoy in this beach and it will be very hot during the summer seasons.

The Sharia Mosque is an old mosque built in the early 19th century using the same building materials and consists of a large prayer hall, a court and courtyard, minaret and other utility rooms.

As per seckings tourisms are one of the major sectors in developing the economy of a country. This will includes like the airlines fare crew ship fare also accompanies with the accommodation in the hotels, resorts and the entertainments.

Dubai is the connecting link between India and Europe.

The Mercato Town Centre which is in Dubai is available with all the facilities like movies, romantic dinner parties etc. It adds the special value for the Dubai tourism.

Even if the quantity of illegal drugs found on someone is 0. DSS offers fun, entertainment, food deals and great offers on shopping. One factor that led to this number of international visitors is the upgrading of the international airport.

People from the different country enjoy shopping in tax free way. The tourist with the children and feels young at heart can enjoy this theme park to high level. Because it contains art, science, cultures theme parks sports, shopping and hotels.

Dubai offers a huge tourist spots for the people to express their charm and splendour life. The world largest theme park is in the constructional and it is named as the dubailand.

There are some of the shops are available for local fashion clothes both in Hollywood styles and bollywood styles. The ministry of tourism will expect the huge visitors from all over the world after the completion of this project.

It is also named as the shopping capital of the Middle East. The penalty is a minimum of four years. Another famous shopping mall in Dubai is Mazaya Centre Mall it was established in the yearand it was opened near the tallest building in the world i. Ancient hospitality and fantasy climate accompanied with crime free environment and good infrastructures helps to create the good atmosphere for the tourism development.

Dubai hosts the following international championships: This restaurant offers a variety of food for the customer from all over the world.Dubai’s Tourism Industry Need Writing Help? Get feedback on grammar, clarity, concision and logic instantly. Tourism in Dubai Essay - Tourism in Dubai Aim: The broad context of this project is based on the ' managing tourism' part of my geography course.

The aim of this project is to study the reasons of the rapid growth of tourism in. The Emirates mall which is in Dubai is one of the largest shopping mall in the world and it is centrally located in Dubai and the most famous mall in Dubai is Deira City Centre.

The Burjuman Centre in Dubai is the best landmark; it will help the tourists to. Sep 23,  · The Topic Of Tourism In UAE Tourism Essay. Print Reference this.


Disclaimer: Recommendations and suggestions which will help in doing further studies on the tourism sector of United Arab Emirates. (Abu Dhabi and dubai to lead the region’ tourism projects).

Essay on Tourism Dubai Tourism Dubai Palm Island Dubai (Jumeirah Palm Island) is an ambitious real Tourism is also very good for Dubai because it brings loads of jobs for the locals and they can help support their family which is a positive thing. Welcome to Dubai. Explore top things to do, what's on, itineraries & events to help you plan your holiday to Dubai.

Discover all that’s possible in Dubai. Discover Dubai, with world-class tourism and magnificent tailored destinations. are the essence of our work.

Through effective management, we aim to enable our people to fulfil their potential and help us realise the DTCM mission together. Green Way The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing rewards pioneering hotels for their.

Tourism in dubai essay help
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