To dream the impossible dream

The islands of Ogalepihcra are vast as a whole, though each is fairly small. We could even call into question the use of GIA as an industry standard. Below the trees, sheltered equally from the storms and the light, is a land of decay and rebirth.

Ogalepihcra is a vast but tightly-knit archipelago of islands. The land above, home of the Rumel: Unfortunately the standards they teach are not the same standards used by their lab.

A standard should be consistent at all levels. That can be an expensive inconsistency for someone relying on their GIA training to grade a stone for sale.

Blame all of the labs for cowardly hiding behind fine print and not having the courage to stand behind their grades.

They apply their own standards to the use of the system and produce diamond grading reports. Every lab, including GIA, has a disclosure paragraph stating that this is only an opinion and the lab holds no responsibility for anything…even errors.

Dream the Impossible

The only animals amid the Tree roots are scavengers and the only fish survive on whatever dead plants and animals fall into the water between the islands. The Trees unite Ogalepihcra, tying the many islands, rocky and floating, into one united realm.

Every level of the industry relies on lab reports to make important financial decisions. Consistency and Precision can both be handled through technology.

It is a land of brilliant colors, dense with life. They teach an eye-visible inclusion should be an I1 but might reach as high as SI1. He brings up valid points on the effect to our industry of applying common terminology with varying standards.

GIA never patented, trademarked, copyrighted, or set into place any formal protection to the terminology leaving it open to interpretation. EGLI is correct, there is no international standard.

The ground is one giant compost heap, damp and stench-ridden, and the only plants to be found are fungi and mushrooms of every kind. There is too much junk paper already on the streets using GIA terminology.

GIA labs are usually consistent but most people in the diamond business have at some point resubmitted stones to different GIA labs hoping for and getting a better grade. The market may have determined that GIA reports bring a higher price and therefore may be considered as a standard but that is just common usage and has little legal weight.

Is Rappaport chasing an impossible dream?

The animals are all small, and the fish all vicious. I share his dream of cleaning up the fetid mess we see in the market. These Trees tower thousands of feet into the air, and their vast spreading canopies intertwine, forming an almost solid mass. We need to start over with three basic requirements: Without that precision we can forget about a diamond ever being a commodity.

That genie will never go back in the bottle. These should be the same every time on any unit. Consistency, Precision, and Accountability. But is it possible? And infused with a subtle magic that not even they grasp the full extent of. They teach the GIA nomenclature and standards.

These floating islands start out as masses of seaweed that become so thick and intertwined that they trap dead and rotting plant matter and other material, until they begin to form soil.

Above, in the sunlight and the storms, exists a lush land perched precariously on the boughs of these massive Trees. Yet there are plenty of examples of GIA reports with eye-visible inclusions up to VS1, mostly on larger stones.

The Anaugi are an amphibious people who believe they spring from the ocean itself.

An impossible dream?

From these floating islands of dead and living seaweed, the largest plants of the oceans, slowly grow the largest plants of the land — the great Barkwood Trees, called Nge. There are about major islands and countless thousands of lesser ones.

Hundreds of different birds and arboreal mammals and thousands of insects and flowering plants form a complex ecosystem. Until a lab comes forward that can eliminate subjectivity, produce precise repeatable results backed by the willingness to guarantee their reports …we will never end the problem of misuse of grading.

Amid all this plenty dwell the Rumel, a society of sentient monkey-like beings with a society that revolves around Byzantine politics and esoteric beliefs, and is guided by their interactions both real and imagined with the spirit world. The lab screws up, the diamond seller gets sued.Welcome to the imPOSSIBLE DREAM!

Making dreams come and keeping childern smile for over 25 Years!

Future Folk - Impossible Dream

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The Impossible Dream (The Quest)

You could. "The Impossible Dream (The Quest)" is a popular song composed by Mitch Leigh, with lyrics written by Joe Darion. The song is the most popular song from the Broadway musical Man of La Mancha and is also featured in.

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To dream the impossible dream
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