The scots guards on tumbledown mountain

Halfway across the open ground 2 Platoon went to ground to give covering fire support, enabling us to gain a foothold on the enemy position. As they pushed forward under increasing mortar and artillery bombardment, two men were killed and a third mortally wounded by snipers. The British plan called for a diversionary attack south of Mount Tumbledown by The scots guards on tumbledown mountain small number of the Scots Guards, assisted by the four light tanks of the Blues and Royals, whilst the main attack came as a three-phase silent advance from the west of Mount Tumbledown.

From then on we fought from crag to crag, rock to rock, taking out pockets of enemy and lone riflemen, all of whom resisted fiercely. The Welsh Guards had lost one dead, the Royal Engineers had also lost one dead, and the Gurkhas had sustained altogether 13 wounded, including the artillery observation officer, Captain Keith Swinton.

He was awarded the Military Cross for bravery, but he spent a year in a wheelchair and was almost totally paralyzed. The Guards took 30 prisoners, several of them RI 6 soldiers. The 2nd Battalion Scots Guards had lost eight dead and 43 wounded.

I went through another gap in the rocks and was surprised by three men speaking in English behind and above me and firing over the top of me. Taken from the diary of Guardsman Tracy Evens During the battle, Guardsman Philip Williams was knocked unconscious by an explosion, and left for dead.

Now in phase three, RF Coy was able to come up, although the battle was far from over. The enemy refused to budge and the Scots Guards could hear some of the Argentinians shouting obscene phrases in English and even singing as they fought.

I went up through the roof and the vehicle went up and was turned right round by the explosion," recalled Major Brian Armitage.

Early moves[ edit ] On the morning of 13 June, the Scots Guards were moved by helicopter from their position at Bluff Cove to an assembly area near Goat Ridgewest of Mount Tumbledown.

Battle for Mount Tumbledown

In his moment of victory on the eastern slopes, Lawrence was almost killed when a bullet fired by an Argentine sniper tore off the side of his head. A group of Sappers from Condor Troop went ahead to clear a path through the mines, losing Sergeant Peter Thorpe badly wounded in the process.

Robert Lawrence (British Army officer)

The explosions prompted the marine commanders to order the 81 mm mortar platoon on Mount William to open fire on the minefield and the likely withdrawal route of anyone attacking Mount William.

British troops came up against seasoned professional Argentine Marines on some of the roughest and rockiest terrain in the Falklands in an action that took place in the dark.

Reaching its objective undetected, the company found the western end of the mountain undefended and occupied it easily.

The delay caused by the mines probably saved many lives. He lay on the thin cover of snow on the exposed mountaintop for six hours. The Scots Guards could have had more casualties in the attack but were saved by the soft peat over which they advanced.

Battle of Mount Tumbledown 13th June 1982

The attack started on June 13th. Edit On the night of 13 June — 14 Junethe British launched an assault on Mount Tumbledown, one of the highest points near the town of Port Stanleythe capital and succeeded in driving Argentinian forces from the mountain. The initial advance was unopposed, but a heavy firefight broke out when British troops made contact with Argentinian defences.

One Guardsman is killed bringing forward supplies to the Welsh Guards on 13 June.Falklands War 25 years on: Tumbledown revisited plans to return to the mountain top where he was nearly killed. led two platoons of the 2nd Battalion, Scots Guards against enemy positions.

scots guards on mount tumbledown june. Fall of Tumbledown.

Battle of Mount Tumbledown

By a.m., the Scots Guards had gained the high ground east of Tumbledown Mountain and the Gurkhas commenced deploying across the heavily shelled saddle from Tumbledown south to Mount William, which they took with the loss of 8 wounded.

The 2nd Battalion Scots Guards had lost eight dead and 43 mint-body.comon: Mount Tumbledown, Falkland Islands. sitting on the mountain today. Three phases of attack had been planned to take Tumbledown. Robert was in Right Flank, the last of three waves to destroy the Argentine defences.

Robert and his men came under artillery fire which lit up the cold night sky as clear as day. Tracer fire went back and forth — red lines of bullets across the night sky. Check out Crags Of Tumbledown Mountain by The Pipes and Drums of the 2nd. Batallion The Scots Guards and The Regimental Band of the Scots Guar on Amazon Music.

Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on The British launched an assault on Tumbledown Mountain, one of the heights that dominated the town of Stanley, and succeeded in driving the Argentine forces from the mountain.

The attacking British force consisted of the 2nd Battalion, Scots Guards with mortar detachments from 42 Commando, Royal Marines and the 1/7th Duke of Edinburgh's Own.

The scots guards on tumbledown mountain
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