Should students come to school to

It is earned by students who go to school and succeed. A former K-5 public school principal turned author, presenter, and independent consultant, DeWitt provides insights and advice for education leaders.

Would Your Students Come to School If They Didn't Have to?

In a school setting children learn to listen to various thoughts before forming their own opinions. There is probably a reason why Mr. Those students love to go to school because they get to see their friends. For one, it is one of the best social engineering programs for a country in order to develop a strong military force.

What matters is what we learn; the friends we make; the skills and habits we develop—the things and the people we take with us our entire lives. They are the ones who learn no matter the situation, but they eat alone and walk through the hallways by themselves hoping that someone will talk with them.

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mass communications and is working toward her Master of Arts degree in communication studies. There are reasons why we do the dreaded journals and Edublogs, which everybody seems to hate for some reason… and, surely there are reasons for why we do the ridiculous problem solving activities, and the talk-about-your-feelings sessions.

Learn Other Viewpoints Public School Review explains that children who learn only at home have an individual learning experience, whereas children who learn in school do so through relationships. Systems expert, Michael Fullan talks, and writes, a great about using the right drivers.

They have made our schools more about testing and accountability than about learning.

Apart from the obvious fact that the school prepares us for any careers we might want to pursue unless we already know whichschool offers something that is valuable for all of us. Depending on when you ask them, many of the students you see in front of you will say that we have learned nothing, or agree that school is a waste of time.

You know those things that the teachers always talk about?

Why we come to school everyday? a student perspective

The independence that kids gain in preschool is also a lesson that is hard to learn at home. Some schools seem to focus on scripts and worksheets death by ditto than any high quality learning.

Five million more students occupied lockers in private schools. Learning habits, or something?School. It's that glorious mix of social and educational encounters that happens every week day for thirteen long years.

Sure there are holiday breaks and summer breaks, and even those weird days when your teachers have to show up but you don't. Although students may not want to go to school they have to go to school. Students may not like going to school because they think it’s a waste of time or they are bored.

Most importantly students have to go to school because it is the law until you are the age of That’s, why we come to school everyday. Hugo’s words should give us all pause.

Supporting students to attain valuable “learning habits” and essential values, truly is or should be a major purpose of school.

5 Reasons To Go To School Every Day

Should kids be forced to go to school? 24% Say Yes 76% Say No This is how. They come home and they ask you something and you don't know the answer but they do.

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That's my opinion So that is why students should not be forced to go to school but instead make their own choice. Report Post. Like Reply. cgrl2. Five million more students occupied lockers in private schools. Prekindergarten and kindergarten enrollment numbers are breaking records accoring to the United States Department of Education.

More than 3 million teachers dedicate themselves to teaching these youngsters. It is important that educators get students to come to school because attendance matters – it affects academic achievement, standardized test scores and graduation and dropout rates.

September is Attendance Awareness Month, a campaign to encourage schools and communities to promote strong school attendance.

Should students come to school to
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