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They erroneously place their faith in superficial external means such as money and materialismwhile neglecting to cultivate the compassion and sensitivity that, in fact, separate humans from the animals. He does so even though he now knows that Daisy and Gatsby were in love prior to her marriage to Tom.

Eckleburg indicate a moral wasteland and an absent God—as well as the emptiness of the new commercial culture. Tom later persuades Nick to accompany him to a place he calls the Valley of Ashes and introduces him to his blowsy mistress, Myrtle Wilson. This little detail divulges a few things: Goodness, the roaring twenties were not quiet for a reason, and this novel helps us figure out why.

Tom, Myrtle, and Nick end up at an apartment in New York, where a wild party ensues, and in a violent outburst, Tom strikes Myrtle and breaks her nose. The Great Gatsby is regarded as a brilliant piece of social commentary, offering a vivid peek into American life in the s.

Learning the bond business or fasttracking to bootlegging? Even if you think that Nick Carraway is sort of a snob, he reels you into the novel as if you were part of a conspiracy, and you are in the thick of that excitement from the first page until the last. It evokes not only the ambiance of the jazz-age search for the American dream of wealth and happiness, but also the larger questions of fading traditional values in the face of increasing materialism and cynicism.

They attend his parties, drink his liquor, and eat his food, never once taking the time to even meet their host nor do they even bother to wait for an invitation, they just show up. For many of those of modest means, the rich seem to be unified by their money.

They are judgmental and superficial, failing to look at the essence of the people around them and themselves, too. First, there are people like the Buchanans and Jordan Baker who were born into wealth. It is hard to beat the decadence of Long Island, both the grit and the glamour of New York City, the glimmers of France and Montenegro, and did you know that San Francisco is smack dab in the Midwest?

Myrtle, though, is another story. In The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald presents two distinct types of wealthy people. He is set off as being more practical and down-to-earth than other characters.

In a strange way, being with women who aspire to his class makes him feel better about himself and allows him to perpetuate the illusion that he is a good and important man. In many ways, the social elite are right.

The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald - Essay

Forgetting the past, or changing it? By creating distinct social classes — old money, new money, and no money — Fitzgerald sends strong messages about the elitism running throughout every strata of society.

The s marked a time of great post-war economic growth, and Fitzgerald captures the frenzy of the society well. She comes from the middle class at best.

Great Gatsby Reflection

Nick has what many of the other characters lack — personal integrity — and his sense of right and wrong helps to elevate him above the others.

Fitzgerald carefully sets up his novel into distinct groups but, in the end, each group has its own problems to contend with, leaving a powerful reminder of what a precarious place the world really is. Fitzgerald has a keen eye and in The Great Gatsby presents a harsh picture of the world he sees around him.

Scott Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby was pretty good. He is an educated man who desires more out of life than the quiet Midwest can deliver although it is interesting that before living in the city any length of time he retreats to the country. This is the first of many parties Nick attends at the Gatsby mansion in the company of many of the rich and famous.

Daisy agrees, but when she disapproves of some of his guests, Gatsby stops entertaining altogether. Notice how Tom has a pattern of picking lower-class women to sleep with.

Best First Person Narrator: I thought that Leonardo Dicaprio acted very well in the role of Jay Gatsby. Given this background, it is interesting that Nick would come to be regarded as a level-headed and caring man, enough of a dreamer to set goals, but practical enough to know when to abandon his dreams.

For the five ensuing decades, Gatsby has continued to attract critical attention and reappraisal. In the book you could tell that Jay loved Daisy so much but seeing it on screen played by Leonardo made the feeling come to life. Since the story took place in the summer of I was lead to believe that the music too would be from that era in time but I was misled.

Of all the themes, perhaps none is more well developed than that of social stratification. She is trapped, as are so many others, in the valley of ashes, and spends her days trying to make it out.

By the time the story takes place, the Carraways have only been in this country for a little over seventy years — not long, in the great scope of things. Many critics, most notably Ernest Hemingway, were put off by the fact that Fitzgerald had been known as a writer of stories for popular magazines like The Saturday Evening Post.The Great Gatsby - Reflection of an Era During the 's America was a country of great ambition, despair and disappointment.

The novel The Great Gatsby is a reflection of this decade, it illustrates the burning passion one man has toward his "American Dream" and the different aspects of the dream. The Great Gatsby Essay The Great Gatsby The Great Gatsby was a very well written and enjoyable book.

It was follows the lives of some upper class people in rural early America. Free Great Gatsby Essays: The Truly Great Gatsby - The Truly Great Gatsby Is his novel the Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald creates Gatsby as a character who becomes great. He begins life as just an ordinary, lower-class, citizen.

[In the following essay, Hart examines the rivalry between Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway, with specific reference to The Great Gatsby and The Sun Also Rises.] My argument can be put briefly.

Get free homework help on F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby: book summary, chapter summary and analysis, quotes, essays, and character analysis courtesy of CliffsNotes. F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby follows Jay Gatsby, a man who orders his life around one desire: to be reunited with Daisy Buchanan, the love he lost five years earlier.

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Reflective essay on the great gatsby
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