Radical idea of marring for love

All three women defied him, saying that if he sent two of them away, he would have to give away the third as well.

Summar of “The Radical Idea of Marrying for Love, ” by Stephanie Coontz Essay Sample

When a woman gave birth, she would name all the men she had slept with since learning she was pregnant, and a woman attending the birth would tell each of these men: The great Roman statesman Cicero exchanged many loving letters with his wife, Terentia, during their thirty-year marriage.

In the Chinese language the word for love did not traditionally apply to feelings between husband and wife. But in some societies the choice to switch partners rests with the woman.

The author succeeded in her presentation because her article was detailed well as required thus creates satisfaction to the reader. This sharp distinction between love and marriage was common among the lower and middle classes as well.

Among the Dogon of West Africa, young married women publicly pursued extramarital relationships with the encouragement of their mothers. Among the Eskimos of northern Alaska, as I noted earlier, husbands and wives, with mutual consent, established comarriages with other couples.

They should express affection openly but also talk candidly about problems. Numerous cultures have allowed husbands to seek sexual gratification outside marriage. They must be loyal to one another and share with each other their dreams and ambitions, problems and secrets, and must never take part in infidelity.

Among Tibetan brothers who share the same wife, sexual jealousy is rare. It was used to describe an illicit, socially disapproved relationship.

In her opinion, most people from different cultures get married and fall in love as the days pass by, but they do not get married because they are in love. Coontz writes about the Ancient Chinese, the Cheyenne Indians, Tibetans, Eskimos and the woman of Botswana all sharing similar views on multiple women marrying the same man.

Such different notions of marital rights and obligations made divorce and remarriage less emotionally volatile for the Eskimos than it is for most modern Americans. It was not unusual for Tibetan women to marry two or more brothers, all of which she had sexual relations with.

Some anthropologists believe cospouse relationships were a more socially acceptable outlet for sexual attraction than was marriage itself. For most of history it was inconceivable that people would choose their mates on the basis of something as fragile and irrational as love and then focus all their sexual, intimate, and altruistic desires on the resulting marriage.

It was believed by many that love was meant for the mistress, not the wife. A good wife did not bother her husband with news of her own activities and feelings but treated him "like a guest," no matter how long they had been married. Chinese commentators on marriage discouraged a wife from confiding in her husband or telling him about her day.

In some cultures and times, true love was actually thought to be incompatible with marriage. It was declared that if a man loved his wife so much, then he was considered a dull man and therefore no other person could wish to associate with him.

This can be seen in different countries like Western Europe and North America, which have established the entire process of new values on the manners in which they can plan and organize the issues of marriage, love and sexuality.Summar of “The Radical Idea of Marrying for Love, ” by Stephanie Coontz Essay Sample Author Stephanie Coontz writes about the ideas of love and marriage through out history in the article “The Radical Idea of Marrying for Love.”.

The Radical Idea of Marrying for Love George Bernard Shaw described marriage as an institution that brings together two people "under the influence of the most violent, most insane, most delusive, and most transient of passions. The main idea is clear and emphasized several times throughout the text that love for marriage is not ideal.

Author fails to provide necessary background information and examples and/or explanation of hard concepts and key terms.

Love And Marriage: A History That Challenges The Notion Of 'Traditional Marriage'

Also she does not provide clear, concise dates of historical events. Read this essay on The Radical Idea of Marrying for Love.

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