Problems associated with contemporary social problems in nigeria

Contemporary social issues in Nigeria

Corruption is the main reason for class division; while people living in poverty are struggling to survive, the rich people have huge possessions and are becoming wealthier with every passing year.

Instead of allowing persistent unemployment to continue, the government should increase security in the country and hire youth as security agents. It is so sad to here that the government which is set up to build the country and fights any form of corruption is now stealing from her own people.

Corruption among influential branch of Nigeria Nigeria is known as a country with a high level of corruption amongst its government representatives. Who wins and who loses?

Only God knows the nature of what is in-between the legs of the female students at the moment. On June 10,Chukwudi Onuamadike, aged 36, popularly known as Evans, was arrested by a police group in Lagos state of Nigeria. However, there are social problems that plague the country and mitigate development.

This organization is fighting against the western Problems associated with contemporary social problems in nigeria of life and they have already murdered hundreds of citizens during their terrorist attacks.

Political candidates found guilty of election-rigging should be punished more frequently and harshly. They reflect the lack of critical thinking ability and the short-sightedness of people, especially Westerners. Beyond political corruption, the Nigerian education system suffers in other ways.

Ask Naij Social problems are present in every country and they affect the daily lives of most of its citizens. In many places, people feel they can no longer walk around their own neighborhoods unharmed.

I do have so many other things to say But I do not want to write an article. According to the guest on Channels Television who gave the statistics, he stated that the problem of Boko Haram in Nigeria today is because they were not in schools when they were young.

Poverty of the population This is, without any doubt, a large social issue which does not portray Nigeria in the best light. People who are interested can signup and the site management will train them on how to use the platform and make money through an advertisement placed by merchants.

Social problems develop from human social phenomena, which can be described as the rules and norms we develop to outline our actions around others.

Contemporary social problems in Nigeria

In all honesty, the governmental system in the country is corrupt and there is a clear lack of justice. Strategies should be made by the security forces to combat and eradicate the threat to lives and property such as terrorism. At around 3 p. Will the money be solely used for what it is meant for?

All these have a serious negative impact on living conditions in the society. The biggest tribes in Nigeria are Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba, and they all are culturally and religiously different, not to mention the fact that they all speak their own language.

The availability of jobs would reduce the rate of poverty in the country. Reports show that some people in government offices earn as much in a year, as the average Nigerian could earn in 65 years; this shows that they definitely have other sources of income apart from their official salary. The main purpose of this idea of nationality is to unite all the social, religious and ethnic groups within one country and make them identify as Nigerians despite all their differences.

When these wealthy men want to go on holiday, they travel to the United States or Canada, and many migrate to the developed world rather than spend their money here. As ofNigeria has a high murder rate: Together if we identify each challenge and work as one, most of these problems will be solved.

The Lawanson Road, Itire abode of the Orekoyas, whose three children were kidnapped by a housemaid last Wednesday, 24 hours after she was employed, became a Mecca of sorts of yesterday, following news of their discovery Vanguard News, April 16, That is to say that the Constitution of the country has given every citizen, both male and female equal right to participate in any political and non-political activities.

Each year,students graduate from universities, but many fail to find a job, and some will seek out less-than-honorable means of supporting themselves. Causes of multiple social problems have common causes and knowing the causes can minimize the effects of the problems.

Most Nigerians cannot afford to eat three good meals in a day. There is a difference between informed and uninformed opinions.Contemporary Social Problems in Nigeria and its Impact on National Development: Implication for Guidance and Counselling Services This paper highlights the contemporary social problems, their direct and indirect impacts on.

 Homelessness a Social Problems Facing the Contemporary United States Shelley Gutierrez, RNC Western Governors University Student ID: [email protected] Homelessness a Social Problems Facing the Contemporary United States Homelessness is a social problem in the United States.

Homelessness defined according to the. Sep 03,  · Nigeria has many problems. These problems are but not limited to: Corruption; Crime and terrorism, specifically Boko Haram insurgency; Unemployment; Education and university systems; The environment; Infrastructure; Gender; Road accident; It would be impossible to thoroughly examine all of these issues in just one Reviews: TOP TEN LIST OF SOCIAL PROBLEMS IN NIGERIA AND SOLUTIONS.

Nigeria is one of the most popular countries in Africa. She is indeed a beauty, endowed with natural and mineral resources, different culture and tribes, different religion. Despite the existing differences, this country still stands united as one country.

A list of social problems: National identity Nigeria is a country born out of the amalgamation of the southern and northern Nigeria. Our nation is made up of a large number of ethnic groups with a lot of identity differences.

Challenges in Nigeria and Solutions on How to Resolve Them

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Problems associated with contemporary social problems in nigeria
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