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It is clear that there are many similarities between these two relationships which shows the sharing common bonds and a mutual trust and support is essential in every relationship.

Rory at last accepts responsibility for his actions and has matured enough to see that he should be more considerate of others. Jerry could have been jealous when Alec was an officer even though he was only a soldier, but he never begrudged his friend for this.

Thanks to their ability to understand each other both verbally and emotionally, the two young men can at last begin to lead independent lives.

Rory acts like a stereotypical, rebellious teenager. They both understand the necessity of keeping their relationship hidden as they know their parents do not approve. They know how the other is feeling, just as Rory and Michael understand the difficulties the other faces from being confined to a wheelchair, whereas Alec and Jerry are confined by social class.

However, the one obvious link ordinary level english essay help do have is they are both physically disabled and confined to a wheelchair. Rory advises him on dressing well and Michael takes his advice, gelling his own hair too. Their relationship and dependence on one another is shown clearly when Michael applies for the Independent Living Allowance.

However when Jerry invites Alec to swim with him in the lake, their friendship begins to grow. He genuinely cares for his friend and the pair are united once again.

We believe Rory wants the best for Michael and is determined to help him lead his own life. Michael has a childish compliance, relying completely on the nurses without question.

He is hospitalised and the doctors tell Michael Rory is dying but that he would have been expecting it. It is clear the pair are growing closer when Rory introduces Michale to his father and enquires about his family.

Also, Alec managed to stay close to Jerry and looked out for him while at war. Rory and Michael had contrasting personalities whereas with Alec and Jerry they came from separate background.

Michael is prepared to return to Carraigmore but Rory talks him out of it. After the art class, Michael begins to have an interest in Rory. When Rory becomes ill, he becomes unfriendly once again and is distant from Michael and their new carer, Peter.

He abandons his usual jokey manner and talks openly and honestly. Alec was also home-schooled so he would not have had much experience mixing with people his own age.

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The first time Rory and Michael are connected as friends is in art class when Tommy says, "Ah fuck off, the pair of you. Michael tells Rory he needs him but Rory says he does not need anyone, that he "is his own man now. Mine too if it came to it.

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Because of this, they have a mutual understanding that would not be possible with a physically abled person. I dropped down to ordinary level so this comparative essay is done in the style of ordinary level questions, discussing only one text in the first half and the comparing it with a second text in the next part, however some of the points will be relevant and can be used at higher level as well if studying the theme of relationships.

Jerry, in complete contrast, was from a lower, working class background. He also says they would not approve of their friendship, "Neither would mine if it came to it.

He did this even though he knew it would ensure he would be shot himself as a result and so he would have to endure the anguish he had spared his friend. The final piece to their friendship is in the last scene when Michael hears Rory;s voice in his head urging him to go out and make the most of the day.

This immaturity helps their relationship to succeed as they help each other to grow up as the film progresses. He asks Michael for help, although not politely, still calling him "Mary. Jerry tells Alec, "Your lot would care.

His references to Michael having the "gift" of the future and his determination to push him to make the most of his life now make sense.J.

Kilroy ~ English Revision 1 Leaving Certificate English Ordinary Level Leaving Certificate English is made up of two examination papers. Paper One is a language paper. An example of how to answer the ordianary-level english exam.

Leaving Certificate English (Ordinary Level) Paper 2. Section 2 A Question I. General Comments. LEAVING CERTIFICATE ENGLISH STUDY GUIDE ORDINARY LEVEL Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte Approaching the Question Sample Answers Aoife O'Driscoll Aoife O'Driscoll, mint-body.com Page 1 of Guidelines for Answering Exam Questions This section is worth 70 marks and should take you around an hour.

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