Mcqs of political science css past papers

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It might naturally be supposed, for instance, that the best of all reasons for a belief was a strong conviction of certainty accompanying the belief.

Who were other members of the Joint Defence Council? It is also true that such action will always be necessary, and necessary in respect of ever larger issues; and this inspite of the fact that one of the most important trends of civilization is to remove sphere after sphere of life out of the domain of such intuitive judgment into the domain of rigid calculation based on science.

When did Egypt announced its recognition of the new State of Pakistan? That method involves slow testing, frequent suspension of judgment, restricted conclusions. When was it announced that June had been determined as the date of withdrawal of British power from India?

Muhammad Ali and H. They also find difficulty in managing their given time in solving different questions. Familiarity with style of paper and questions asked Time management Online practice with relevant material and past papers:: What was the Cash balance of the former government of undivided India on Aug.

Ghulam Mustafa Hamdani On minute before midnight How many Sherman tanks were actually given to Pakistan?

March 22, 6. April 5, 8. Who was the last Governor of the undivided Punjab? July 26, 1. What justification does the author claim for his belief in the scientific method?

Read the following text carefully and answer the questions below: What is the estimated number of people who migrated on partition of India in ?

The Punjab Boundary Force. In what circumstances, according to the author, is it necessary to abandon the scientific method? Experience, however, shows that this is not so, and that as a matter of fact, conviction by itself is more likely to mislead than it is to guarantee truth.

Sir Evan Jenkins When we cannot be certain, we must proceed in part by faith-faith not only in the validity of our own capacity of making judgments, but also in the existence of certain other realities, pre-eminently moral and spiritual realities.

When did Mountbatten address the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan? Which party formed government in NWFP after the elections? The letter he wrote to Auchinleck regarding abolishing the Joint Defence Council under pressure from his Indian cabinet.

They need guidance and enough practice before appearing in the entry test.Jun 20,  · FPSC Inspector Custom Intelligence Officer Jobs Syllabus MCQs Past Sample Papers.

Important Solved MCQs Questions of Everyday Science for PPSC CSS SPSC. 1) One of the countries through which equator passes is: (a) Kenya (b) Malaysia.

PSC GK Multiple Choice Questions With Answers

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Mcqs of political science css past papers
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