Kids taxi service business plan

They discuss how to make things kids taxi service business plan for children in the county. Placing classified ads in the business directory section of all newspapers covering your intended area of service, short radio ads, and church bulletins can also be effective.

March 1, Legal Form of Organization: Fees may be paid by check or cash only. An LLC is a corporate structure and you will not be held personally liable for the company debts or liabilities because, similar to a corporation, owners have limited liability for the debts and actions of the LLC.

Lena Isenberg, a personal friend, helped with some of our financial decisions.

Child Transportation Service

Think about how many kids you want to start out with. Make sure you consider this advice before you start! You will have the flexibility to set your own hours of operation and to set up your office inside your home or in a commercial structure.

The how to get or how to answers are on this website. You will need to have a predetermined area of service with extensive knowledge of that area in order to travel from place to place with ease and in a timely manner.

You have the option to charge per seat or give discounts to families with multiple children being shuttled at the same time. How Much Can You Earn: Conversation Board We greatly appreciate any advice you can provide on this topic.

This group is working to set standards for the rapidly growing Child Transport industry. Regular drug testing should be mandatory to ensure the safety of passengers, satisfy insurance requirements and avoid liability on your part. We offer parents the convenience of the service and the comfort of knowing their children are being driven by licensed, screened and insured drivers who genuinely care about the welfare of children.

We tell you what you need to know to get started. The brochure will be available at various locations including human service agencies, schools, day cares, etc. The business of transporting kids is a good idea since often times parents need help with dropping off and picking up their children from various places throughout the day.

Children will be transported in Sportster Minivans with the latest safety features, including dual airbags, child safety features, including dual airbags, child safety locks, shoulder harnesses and seatbelts.

Kids Taxi Service Business Idea

This should help you make the decision about what size vehicle you want to use. Once you have filled out the correct forms for your business license, if you are unsure what type of insurance to get for your business, someone in the licensing department should be able to help you.

NCTA currently has members. When determining your price list, you will need to consider demographics, total mileage travelled, gas prices, vehicle maintenance charges, and other factors to arrive at a profitable price per child per month.

Mom Owned, Mom Approved Taxi Service For Kids

The Nature of the Business Kid Cart is a transportation service exclusively for children. Across industries, franchise startups tend to fare better than independent startups. As a kid commuter your duties would generally entail you to drop off and pick up kids from school, home or extracurricular activities.

Example Business Ideas

Care Support This is another important source in Oakland County. Just look for "kid taxi" services in Google and you will find them.

Try our link below to get a list of local competitors nearby. We will receive their newsletter and they will hand out our brochure. There may be other clearances and requirements that go along with this procedure.

Kid Cart Building Location: Fees must be paid in advance. We have applied to be members. It will include hours, rates, rules and regulations, a mission statement and features and benefits of using our service. Geoffrey McDormand of Childland Resources, put us in touch with the group Care Support, which is a group of individuals representing all the agencies dealing with children in the county.

Here are details about what is needed to get your business up and running. It is also a great way to network with these members. Franchises eliminate many of the risks that are typically associated with a business startup and offer growth opportunities for ambitious entrepreneurs.

A good idea is to approach parents while they are picking up children from school and sports activity practices. Effective routing, which is essential, will be made easier because of our location.

In addition, excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, and patience with children are also necessities in this transportation service kids transportation service company is a innovative, enthusiastic enterprise that is responsive and exclusive accommodates with products as art for kids transportation service in addition custom design capabilities for.

The business of transporting kids is a good idea since often times parents need help with dropping off and picking up their children from various places throughout the day.

This is where you as a children's transportation service would come in. Business Summary: As the owner of a kid’s taxi service, you will transport children of various ages to and from predetermined destinations such as, to and from school, from school to an evening care facility or to their homes, from school to home or other predetermined location when the child becomes sick, and to extracurricular activities.

Unlike a taxi service, Kid Cart will provide transportation exclusively to children. All of our drivers will have a background check through the. The advantages to the kids’ taxi service are that you’llforge relationships with the kids you drive on a routine basis, and youget the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping your clients’ lives runmore smoothly.

Aug 07,  · Sometimes parents can feel like a taxi service, but Sharron Gay really is one. She is the founder of Mom’s Taxi Service. Whether you don’t want your kids riding public transportation, the school bus, or you need someone to drive your kids from school to their sports practice, Mom’s Taxi Service does it all.

Kids taxi service business plan
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