Expalnation of father returning home

Nevertheless I see a sense of pride in where the father has helped him family go and recognising his role in the rise and success of his bloodline. Okay, now comes the difficult bit to deal with using my interpretation. He was an all round artistic chap in India, famed for his poetry, film making and painting.

The only thing that changes the mood of the poem is when he thinks about his dead yesterdays ancestors and unborn tomorrows grand-children and nomads -Here one thing must be noted that he dreams about these people not about his own children.

We have two things to consider here. He seems at peace and this makes further sense when we see where his mind takes him.

Father Returning Home

First this imagery makes me imagine that the father is worn out and thus must be working incredibly hard. He hurries across the length of the grey platform, Crosses the railway line, enters the lane, His chappals are sticky with mud, but he hurries onward.

Coming out he trembles at the sink, The cold water running over his brown hands, A few droplets cling to the greying hairs on his wrists.

Expalnation of Father Returning Home

His sullen children have often refused to share Jokes and secrets with him. And finally, even when he goes to bed the story is not different. It is a translation of abhangs, a form of devotional poetry sung in praise of Vitthal.

Bear in mind that the poem is written from the perspective of one of these children albeit probably when the child has grown up a bit and reflected back upon how much their father has given for them and clearly demonstrates a deep respect for the struggle and effort of the father.

This is indicated by his chappals which are sticky with mud. Home again, I see him drinking weak tea, Eating a stale chapati, reading a book. Ironically, the manmade world teams with people but man grows more and more remote from those around him.

He admits to vague premonitions of it being difficult, and admits it proved hard at times. He will now go to sleep Listening to the static on the radio, dreaming Of his ancestors and grandchildren, thinking Of nomads entering a subcontinent through a narrow pass. Through this poem, Chitre has denounced the urban rootlessness and alienation.

Use a quote and then tell me what it means and why it is significant in relation to the question you are answering However, with even using an enjambment Line 1 to 6 simply explains on his lengthy journey that adds on to his level of tiredness and alienation. In addition, the regularity of line length and number of lines in each stanza could reflect the regularity of his life and struggle — I told you this was a bit lame!

The last couple of things I will mention connects us again with the title. His father Purushottam Chitre used to publish a periodical named Abhiruchi which was highly treasured for its high, uncompromising quality.

He travelled widely in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America as well as in the interiors of India; been on the visiting faculty of many universities and institutions, a consultant to projects. Therefore, we can conclude that the poem Father Returning Home is autobiographical in nature.

His dreams are full of the images of conquering hordes that overrun the country. The suburbs slide past his unseeing eyes is a pretty image.

Analysis of ‘Father returning Home’ by Dilip Chitre

This image connects us with the idea that the father comes from a poor background. This is a common theme in literature all the world over.

Although he was born in Gujarat, he moved to the sprawling city of Mumbai when he was 13, where he published his collection of poetry at Dilip Chitre’s poem “Father Returning Home” is selected from “Travelling in A Cage”.

It speaks about the dull and exhausting daily routine of a commuter. Delinked from his family he is left with himself to talk. For the analysis that you have made for the father returning i have some doubts about the overview for it can you give me some more details or tips or advices I have sent an essay answer on the poem Father Returning Home.

Hope you can mark me on it as soon as you get time. Thank you so much sir. There isn’t really an explanation, it. Father Returning Home is a short and appealing poem about an old man in a cosmopolitan city where his own sons and daughters treat him as an alien.

He himself is estranged from the man-made world. Through this poem, Chitre has denounced the urban rootlessness and alienation. Father Returning Home: about the poem.

Pupil Analysis – Father Returning Home (Arnav Gupta)

Father Returning Home by Dilip Chitre is probably the most famous poem by this Indian poet. It is an autobiographical poem where the poet shows the loneliness and world-weariness of an old man in the modern society by depicting a picture of his own father returning home from work.

The father travels by the late evening train squashed between masses of other commuters all wending their way home. He is wet and dirty and well beyond the age to work but he has to plod along during monsoon rains which render roads into pools of slush.

Free Essay: dad return home! My father travels on the late evening train Standing among silent commuters in the yellow light Suburbs slide past his unseeing.

Expalnation of father returning home
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