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The specialist edit is our most comprehensive service.

MDPI English Editing Service

Which payment methods are available? Because they are familiar with the publication process, they understand the scrutiny your manuscript must undergo. Correct use of discipline-specific terms is not guaranteed and we do not rewrite prose. Complete any revisions and accept any tracked changes.

If there will be a long delay in payment e. Wordvice understands the importance of clear and effective communication to the scientific community As we fully immerse ourselves in the information technology era, it becomes increasingly challenging to distinguish our ideas from those of others and make an individual contribution.

What is included in the specialist edit? With Wordvice, worrying about the quality of your writing will not be one of them. Even native English speakers often settle for words that lack precision and fail to optimize impact potential.

For papers longer than 10, words please contact us before submitting your paper. Organization Organization enhances comprehension and will persuade your readers that your analysis was properly developed and that you derived your conclusions properly and naturally from the results you shared.

The challenge seems almost insurmountable when we must write in a language that might not be our mother tongue. How do I upload my manuscript? Researchers often ask these kinds of questions while conducting their studies and preparing for publication.

English Language Editing Services for all Your Publication Needs

How much does it cost? We know that you already face many pressures as a research scholar. Remove text that should not be edited e. When publishers find mistakes in grammar, spelling, and mechanics, they assume that the author did not bother to properly proofread the entire paper.

Your voice and choice of words will be kept where possible. Payment is not received in a reasonable amount of time.

We will edit your writing to be grammatically correct, and remove awkward and ambiguous sentences. It may be possible to return your paper if you provide evidence that payment has been made.

While proofreaders and editors cannot conduct your research for you, proper English editing can certainly help publishers see through to the strength of your investigative insights! All editors are trained to comb through your drafts to locate any language issues including grammar errors, language misuse, awkward or unnatural phrasing, and inappropriate style and make sure that your polished research paper allows publishers and peer reviewers to assess your work on its merits and not be distracted by language technicalities.

The specialist edit takes four business days to complete. Note that we must receive payment before we send you the edited paper. Some publishers even require authors to include editorial certificates to prove that papers have been professional editing before submission.

This is a two-day service. What is included in the layout editing service? How can we best convey our findings through our writing? If you are in working to a short deadline, the grammar option is the quickest option.

If you know in advance that it may take some time, for example due to bureaucracy at your institution, please contact us to let us know.The completed manuscript you receive from AJE’s Editing services is covered by our editing guarantee.

We guarantee that if you are not satisfied with the editing of your manuscript or if a journal mentions English language errors, we will re-edit your document for free.

English Language Editing

Wiley Editing Services is a service from the international scientific, technical, medical, and scholarly publishing business of Wiley, with strengths in every major academic and professional field and partnerships with many of the world’s leading societies. Wiley publishes more than 1, peer-reviewed journals and 1,+ new books annually.

World-class publishers like Springer Nature trust AJE to deliver high-quality English editing and manuscript preparation services to their authors.

They offer a responsive, supportive and friendly service that is focused on the needs of authors. I am happy to recommend them." Submitting a manuscript to an unsuitable journal is one of. Elsevier's English Language Editing Service is committed to the highest standards of editorial review and quality control.

Language-Editing Services

Have your manuscript edited by the language professionals at Elsevier. Language services Before submitting your manuscript to a journal you may wish to have it professionally edited, particularly if English is not your first language.

Journal Manuscript English Editing Services

This is not a mandatory step, but may help to ensure that the academic content of your paper is fully understood by journal. Language-Editing Services Prior to submission, authors who believe their manuscripts would benefit from professional editing are encouraged to use a language-editing service, such as the following: 3P Scientific Communications.

English editing service journal
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