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Pedophilia as a learned behavior is due to sexual abuse of the abuser as a child. It would also be of great importance to address parents and educators on safety rules and the need to control Internet use by children.

If you need a custom term paper on Law: They are usually quite needy and turn to their children to fulfill those needs. The overall number of arrests for forcible and nonforcible sexual crimes also dropped Child pedophiles essay 75, in to 67, in Survey carried out on public opinion shows most Internet-related risks cybercrimes are associated with threats to the safety of children that stems from Internet pedophilia and other materials of pornography available on websites.

I never saw him again. The researchers based their social skill ratings based on taped conversations with females and found that all offender groups were less socially competent than the control groups.

As such, they seriously are vulnerable to the risks that are associated with Internet based pedophilia. The advantages associated with this technology which include; increased speed of accessing information, increase in the amount of information that is available and increased speed in communication across all kinds boarders all at a reduced cost are argued to be so desirable that every individual who has the means has employed the technology.

At least one quarter of the children reported having actually met in person a person they knew from the Internet. The research confirmed that the anonymous service is very popular the young Internet users with over 56 percent using chartrooms while at least 80 percent of the participants used Instant Messenger IM communicators.

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The fact that children mostly use chat rooms and tend to violate the safety measures that have been provided to protect them from threats such as pedophilia is of great concern. Males, on the other hand tend to search out sexual partners who are "younger, smaller, and weaker than themselves" Finkelhor and Araji,p.

The pedophile is the emotional equivalent of a child, and thus depends on them and begins to view them as sexual objects as well Langevin, However, these measures are only taken after the offender has already committed the crime.

The ambiguity of this term however, is what causes confusion. Children raised within family units such as this are more likely to become targets of interfamilial sexual abuse. Social Skills Theory Social skills that have been underdeveloped or dysfunctional social skills have been suggested as a possible explanation for pedophilia, especially relating to persons of the opposite sex.

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Social networking sites such as Facebook and My Space allows pedophiles to have instant access to other pedophiles predators worldwide. He contemplated suicide on a daily basis and became hooked on opiates, mostly hydrocodone.

Pedophilia can mean child sexual abuse ranging from an arousal to children with no or little action, to sexual penetration of the child. This can partly be attributed to the fact that the rate of Internet development is so fast that keeping control measures at par with it is almost impossible.

This can be accomplished through Internet resources control and software that filters pornographic material. At least 43 percent of the participating children have sent an online stranger their photo with 30 percent having done it repeatedly.

These services also give pedophiles access to teen and other chart rooms making it easy for them to identify potential victims and determine how to lure them.Pedophiles. 33 Followers. The following essay will aim to examine whether transgressive identities and taboos that challenge what is perceived as acceptable, or even in more extreme cases break rules and laws, should exist with a high level of freedom or if in order to maintain social order, hierarchy and avoid chaos such.

For this reason, pedophiles on the Internet have a great chance of baiting a child into their trap, and starting a friendship. Related Documents Looking for Love Online Essays.

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Literature Review A pedophile and a child molester have been often confused by child abuse professionals, the media, and the general public. They regard pedophiles as all individuals who sexually victimize children.

However, there.


WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON. The Pedophiles. FOR ONLY $/PAGE. Order Now. each state has started building up teams and file sharing systems specifically for the purpose of tracking and catching pedophiles and child pornographers.

Even agencies such as the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and the National Center for. Social Sciences: Pedophilia / Child Molestation Essay. The paper should include relevant research on your topic. You are to compare and contrast research and ideas.

Pedophilia Essay

Pedophiles A Case Study essaysPedophilia falls under the diagnosable psychological category of a paraphilia.

Pedophilia is from the Greek word "paidos" meaning child and "philia" meaning "the lover of." The person who is .

Child pedophiles essay
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