Book review of the olympic games

Only a small percentage of athletes suspected of using performance-enhancing drugs have been punished for their actions. For bigger companies, a clear understanding of core value of both company itself and the event the company plan to sponsor for is very important.

Creation is not a new word in business world, especially in marketing and advertisement. Goldblatt offers some colorful anecdotes and offbeat trivia. Women were first permitted to compete in track and field in Amsterdam in five events, including the meter runbut the sight of women exhausted at Book review of the olympic games end of a race was too disturbing, according to accounts at the time.

After fan group classification, sponsor marketers should still rely on traditional marketing frameworks to future deepen their knowledge of target segments. Today Olympic hopefuls such as Marion Jones, the most recent of the athletic divas-in-waiting, achieve superstar status before they ever compete in the Games.

Book Review: The Games, A Global History of the Olympics

More Essay Examples on Effect Rubric I summarize several important points from this book which I will list as follows. However, with such vast exposure comes an increased risk that any indiscretion or negative issue will be seen by a worldwide audience.

Gender, ethnic, and racial discrimination plagued the Olympics right from the start. A success Olympic Game means number of venues, new facilities, thousands of work opportunities, volunteers, hotel and food, media support, security and others, that is all relate to investment and revenue.

A good marketer understands who the sports fans really are and how sponsors can use and improve this information so that their sponsorship activities have a greater chance of success. Companies must first focus on clarifying the connection between their strategic brand objectives and their Olympic sponsorship.

Most of it should give credit to TV broadcasting. Others even benefit from their sponsoring of other sporting events. With no effective drug testing program to stop them, the East Germans in the s and s developed a widespread doping program that greatly boosted their medal count, particularly for female athletes.

The author provides figures and reasons to support his idea. Assuming this self-analysis confirms that an Olympic sponsorship make sense, then marketers must determine the most effective and appropriate way to take advantage of it, since any potential halo effect may be fleeting if the sponsorship is executed poorly.

The Olympic Games

Especially useful are the charts and statistics that take up the final one-third of the book. As tempting as daring creative execution might be, its use must occur in the context of longer term strategic objectives.

Or we can say the work has already started when the nation decided to apply the Olympic Game. Another important issue in this section is the Olympic halo effect, which is also a main point in the whole book. The author classified the fans into three groups: The whole event start from the moment that Chairman of International Olympic Committee announced which city will hold the Olympic, which was seven years before the actually opening.

Then, as a few Dutch fans sought to rush the stage and congratulate the champion, Geesink raised his hand to stop them and made his formal bow to Kaminaga.

Popular Olympics Books

Private schools in England used sport to impart competitive values as well as to give pupils the chance for social engineering and making themselves more well-rounded individuals. Prior to the Sydney Olympics, Ansett, an official sponsor, issued injunction proceedings against Qantas, who were not official sponsors but who ran adverts featuring Cathy Freeman and Olympic stadia.

The cost has risen into the billions of dollars, driven largely by the desire to create an electrifying spectacle for a massive and growing global television audience. Use of drugs to augment athletic performance at the Olympics dates back to the early 20th Century, first with strychnine, alcohol, caffeine, and amphetamines, and later with testosterone and anabolic steroids.

Sport at the turn of the 20th century was commonly seen as a male preserve, even though girls showed they were strong enough and good enough to compete in their own right - Frenchwoman Suzanne Lenglen, for example, dominated tennis during the s.

The narrative texts that accompany the stats offer examples of the social concerns that often plagued the games in years past, especially involving race and gender. Louisan American named Fred Lorz entered the stadium in first place, and "pandemonium reigned for a few moments, until it became clear that he had made at least part of the way there on the back of a truck and was disqualified.

The International Olympic Committee will not be plugging this book. The audience rose, applauded and never forgot this act of grace. Ambush marketing is where a company seeks to obtain the benefits of official sponsorship without paying any sponsorship fees. The impact of the Olympics was also apparent at a more local level too.

Countries get caught up in "winning the Olympics" by tallying the highest medal count.

Book Review of the Olympic Games Effect Essay

This is not as evident as one might think. Track races are normally run counterclockwise, but the races at these Games were run clockwise. The benefits will include increased awareness, and superb creative execution can facilitate this. Prior to the Act coming into force, event organizers were forced to rely on copyright, trademarks and contractual provisions to protect their interests.

The author, David Goldblatt, presents a serious and thoroughly researched examination of how the Olympics at times was a sideshow when politics otherwise dominated the landscape, whereas some countries tried to portray themselves in a more positive light by using sport as a vehicle to project themselves across the world.

When such a reputation is developed over centuries, the associated integrity is almost beyond compare, conferring the mythical, gold-plated status we now associate with almost anything related to the Olympics. Proceedings were issued, but the case was settled before a court decision was ever made.

Broadcasters around the world, Particularly those in the United states, know that this vast audience offers tremendous commercial potential to advertisers, bid aggressively large sums for the right to broadcast the Olympics, and know that their own fortunes as broadcasters are tied directly to their ability to create compelling content that offers extensive coverage of the carious events, athlete profiles, and stories of Olympic success and failure, while also conveying the intangible appeal and mystique of Olympic values and traditions.Here are some literary accompaniments to the key Olympic sports.

The best books for the Olympics Olympic Games Rio features. Aug 16,  · The book starts out with a unique juxtaposition.

The best books for the Olympics

Greek journalist-editor Panagiotis Soutsos wrote in“Where are all your theatres and marble statues? Where are your Olympic Games?”.

Books of Olympic proportion Women were an afterthought to the modern Olympic Games that began in Almost one-third of the new century had elapsed before women were allowed to participate in track and field events. In the years since, women have come into their own.

Today Olympic hopefuls such. 33) Suzanne Collins was 46 when she wrote "The Hunger Games" 34) Charles Darwin was 50 years old when his book On the Origin of Species came out.

Tracing the rich history of the Olympics

35) Leonardo Da Vinci was 51 years old when he painted the Mona Lisa. Online shopping for Olympic Games from a great selection at Books Store. The following article first appeared in The National Book Review.

The Games: A Global History of the Olympics by David Goldblatt (W.W. Norton). By Charlie Gofen. David Goldblatt's The Games: A.

Book review of the olympic games
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