Backbiting in islam

It will suffice for us to mention just a few of them in order to demonstrate that they are haram.


Islam teaches us that if people are being ridiculed or backbitten in our presence, we should defend their honour.

Some situations allow us to inform others of what someone has done.

Backbiting – One of the major sins in Islam

If he knows that any of his words reached the person about whom he was speaking, then he should go to him and ask him to forgive him. Allah states in the Quran what means: Do you have to tell them what they have said and to whom? And Allah knows best. Everyone who does any kind of backbiting, slander or malicious gossip has to repent and pray for forgiveness, and that is between him and Allaah.

Gheebah or backbiting means speaking about a Muslim in his absence and saying things that he would not like to have spread around or mentioned. Avoid much [negative] assumption.


Would one of you like to eat the flesh of his brother when dead? This is so because these sins sow enmity and discord among the Muslim Ummah nation and lead to its destruction.

If it is true, then it is gheebah backbitingand if it is not true then it is buhtan slander. Allah will then give the wronged person from the good deeds of the person who wronged him by backbiting or other injustices.

This is because on the Day of Resurrection, both the wrongdoer and the wronged will stand before Allah, the Just Judge. Indeed, some assumption is sin.

Backbiting Gheebah and its Expiation A. What is the ruling on accusing somebody of having a loose tongue? In fact, they are considered amongst the most destructive of major sins.

And do not spy or backbite each other. One of them used to walk about spreading malicious gossip nameemahand the other used not to take precautions to avoid getting urine on himself when he urinated.

The person could be innocent and their reputation is now in pieces. Islam demands that our relationship with mankind be one of sincerity and responsibility. Lies, suspicion, backbiting, slander and gossip are totally alien to Islam.

Among these forbidden things which people often take lightly are gheebah backbitingbuhtan slander and nameemah malicious gossip. We can all analyse ourselves to see if this is the case. They are being told that the ones telling them they have a loose tongue, that they have it on good authority that they do not have to say any more than "you have a loose tongue" C.

It should be one where we have respect for the honour, reputation and privacy of others.

Islam on Backbiting, Bitching and Gossip (Gheebah/Ghibah)

We are permitted to inform someone who can prevent a perpetrator from committing further vice.Islam guides us in how to deal with our human tendency towards gossip and backbiting: Recognize that Allah sees and knows all things, while our own understanding and view is limited.

Recognize that nobody is perfect; we are all lacking in some way. Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah said: Whoever wrongs a person by slandering him, backbiting about him or insulting him, then repents, Allah will accept his repentance, but if the one who was wronged finds out about that, he has the right to settle the score.

Islam on Backbiting, Bitching and Gossip (Gheebah/Ghibah) Backbiting & Slander - an Islamic perspective Islam prohibits backbiting and slandering How a Musim defends his brother's honor? The Evils of Backbiting Backbiting and Gossiping Exemptions from Backbiting Muslim 'Happy Slapping'.

Islam is a religion of peace, love and compassion. Lies, suspicion, backbiting, slander and gossip are totally alien to Islam. In fact, they are considered amongst the most destructive of major sins. Backbiting is a MAJOR sin and every single person reading this message has probably at some point in their life backbitten someone, so firstly let’s quickly address the definition of.

At times, other vices are also added to ghibah, adding to its perversity, ugliness and punishment, like the backbiting person who expresses friendship and intimacy in .

Backbiting in islam
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