Awareness on halal industry

Though the test has been conducted earlier in the pilot test, different result could be obtained based from higher number of responses to the survey Vloreen Nity Mathew, Ardiana Mazwa Raudah binti Amir Abdullah, and Siti Nurazizah binti Mohamad Ismail, In the perspective of the value chain, the manufacturers have to play significant role in establishing halal concept.

Ingredient such as gelatine used in sweets are made from animal fat. At the same time, halal logistics capabilities are critical in ensuring that the halal integrity of the supply chain works from farm to fork.

Many of food manufacturers are reluctant to apply for the halal certification. This is an abomination.

Nationwide Awareness Roadshow on Halal Industry by Halal Research Council

The awareness of the Muslim and non-Muslim consumers describes their perception and cognitive reaction to products or foods in the market. Halal branding is not a new issue in the halal market despite being still in the early stages for some product.

The Gen Z should have an education about the halal food so that they know about the halal food. Most of the producer and restaurant not labelling that they are selling non-halal food to the public.

According to the, there are strong demands for halal product in non-Muslim countries. Che Mohd Zulkifli Che Omar We have been choosing Gen Z in Kuala Lumpur area for our sample.

It is submitted; however, that only Allah s. Che Man, Jamaludin, Ab. As halal certification is important for business operators especially in food business, Malaysia could consider integrating and coordinating the processes and procedures for inspection and certification.

According to the Quran and Sunnah, drink that contain alcohol and alcoholic beverage are haram in Islam. Most of gelatine are made from pig fat. Halal food may apparently be the same as other food, but its nature, technique of its processing involving the ingredients, handling, use of various methods from the beginning to the end, is always the one approved and recommended by Islamic law.

And forbidden is it that ye swear by the divine arrows. Eating in famous and stylish restaurant may gave them popularity to be shown into social media application to the public.

The market share of Halal industry is about 6 trillion US dollars but a Pakistan share in this industry is very nominal. It refer to Al-Quran and Sunnah. In addition, understanding the why and how consumers perceive Halal food products can lead manufacturers to increase their level of awareness and knowledge on Halal principles and Halal food process in order to gain the most efficient way of communicating marketing information to their consumers.

According to, Muslims regard foods and products with halal logo as permissible to be used or consumed in accordant with Islamic law.46 Selvarajah Krishnan et al.: The Awareness of Gen Z’s toward Halal Food Industry 3. Methodology For this research.

We used primary data to gain. Raising Halal Cosmetic Awareness among the respective Consumers Bahman Hajipour Department of Accounting and Management - Associate Professor - Shahid Beheshti University the global cosmetics industry because of increasing global Muslim populations and their In Hunter claimed that the Halal awareness of Muslim community.

Information on Halal Food Business Needed by Potential Malaysian Entrepreneurs Kasmarini Baharuddin Faculty of Information Management, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), MALAYSIA awareness of Halal principles had improved a lot via advertisements.

In the same study, 40 the Halal industry to reap the benefits of increasing profits for. Halal Industry Awareness Program is designed to introduce the meaning of Halal and segments related to Halal product and services available not only in Malaysia but also global. The one day program will introduce participants to the terminology related to Halal products and services and the importance of Halal product and services for the.

Business Opportunities in Halal Industry. Halal Key Drivers of Growth 3 USD 2 trillion 1. Sizeable and growing Muslim population 2.


Growing economic development in Muslim income as well as increase in Halal awareness; Traded Halal products, especially meat. Understanding Mechanisms to Promote Halal Industry-The Stakeholders’ Views ☆ Author links open overlay panel Rahimah Mohamed Yunos a Che Faridah Che Mahmood b .

Awareness on halal industry
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