A literary analysis of the symbolism in the scarlet letter

The Scarlet Letter - Symbolism

Instead of making her feel more ashamed, the child becomes her saving grace. Although Hester had so much trouble with Pearl, she still felt that Pearl was her treasure. Generally speaking, a symbol is something used to stand for something else.

Pearl really symbolized a rose to her mother, at some times she could be bright and vibrant, and really love her mother, but at other times, she could be wilting.

Introduction, Main Body, and Conclusion. Paradoxically, these qualities are shown to be incompatible with a state of purity. Retrieved 6 Aprilfrom http: The scarlet letter was her passport into regions where other women dared not tread.

Hester spends her life trying to help out the poor and the sick as much as possible. She is natural law unleashed, the freedom of the unrestrained wilderness, the result of repressed passion.

See ye not, she is the scarlet letter, only capable of being loved, and so endowed with a million-fold the power of retribution for my sin? This is in sharp contrast with Puritanical beliefs which hold that the sin of adultery condemns a person to Hell and cannot be forgiven.

During that era, books were hand bound and sold in small quantities. Nighttime, however, is the symbol of concealment, and Dimmesdale stands on the scaffold at midnight, concealing his confession from the community. Wilson, who represents the Church, or Governor Bellingham, who represents the State.

The feelings of the lovers, weighed down by guilt, are reflected in the darkness of nature. The Puritan treatment continued, because as Hester would walk through the streets, she would be looked down upon as if she were some sort of demon from Hell, that committed a terrible crime.

The University of Massachusetts Press, first published Pearl, throughout the story, develops into a dynamic symbol - one that is always changing. His sole purpose in life becomes revenge. You also need to include a short introduction of the major characters and a summary of the work.

Even Pearl recognizes that Chillingworth is a creature of the Black Man and warns her mother to stay away from him. Even as the beadle — an obvious symbol of the righteous Colony of Massachusetts — proclaims that the settlement is a place where "iniquity is dragged out into the sunshine," the colony, along with the Reverend Mr.

The novel was one of the first American books to be mass-produced. This can be anything as far as it is relevant to the book. The Church and State are ubiquitous forces to contend with in this colony, as Hester finds out to her dismay. This was the Puritan way of treating her as a criminal, for the crime of adultery.

You should include the name of the author, the title of the work, and a short explanation of the theme you will be addressing. He is fiendish, evil, and intent on revenge. After finalizing your topic, you need to tackle the three parts of your essay: The sun is the symbol of untroubled, guilt-free happiness, or perhaps the approval of God and nature.

Sin and its acknowledgment humanize Dimmesdale. The Puritans in that scene wear gray hats, and the darkness of the jail is relieved by the sunshine of the outside. In his first appearance in the novel, he is compared to a snake, an obvious allusion to the Garden of Eden. Dimmesdale also struggles against a socially determined identity.

The book enjoyed immense popularity and was widely read and discussed in all circles.A summary of Symbols in Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of The Scarlet Letter and what it means.

a symbol becomes a focal point for critical analysis. If ‘The Scarlet Letter‘ by N. Hawthorne is part of your syllabus, chances are that your instructor will have you write a literary mint-body.comh this assignment, they will give you a better chance to grow familiar with the basic ideas and concepts of the text.

However, to get a good grade, you will need to go beyond a mechanical surface analysis and. Literary Devices in "The Scarlet Letter" John Burk and Jeff Wear "The same platform or scaffold, black and weather-stained with the storm or sunshine of seven long years, and foot-worn, too, with the tread of many culprits who had since ascended it, remained standing beneath the balcony of the meeting house" (Hawthorne ).

Analysis / Symbolism, Imagery, Allegory ; SHMOOP PREMIUM Summary SHMOOP PREMIUM SHMOOP PREMIUM Hester considers the scarlet letter A to be the Black Man's mark, and Pearl wonders aloud if the The Forest and the Wilderness (Click the symbolism infographic to download.) To the townspeople, the forest is the unknown.

The Scarlet Letter Literary Analysis chapter of The Scarlet Letter Study Guide course is the most efficient way to study the literary analysis of this novel. The Scarlet Letter - Symbolism, Free Study Guides and book notes including comprehensive chapter analysis, complete summary analysis, author biography information, character profiles, theme analysis, metaphor analysis, and top ten quotes on classic literature.

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A literary analysis of the symbolism in the scarlet letter
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